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Alan Swisher
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Cheyenne, WY 82009

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Repairs / Regrips / Reshafting / Retrofit

Alan's Custom Clubs offers a full service for repairs, re-gripping, re-shafting and Retro-fitting.

The most advanced grips available — Golfpride, Pure, Wishon & Winn Grips. Grips should be changed annually (more often if you play frequently) and be fit for size and feel.

I offer the latest in shafts - KBS and True Temper Steel Shafts - Accra, Aldila, Fujikura, Matrix, Nunchuk, & Wishon Graphite Shafts - for all your re-shafting and proper shaft fitting needs. I will also orient your shaft in the club head in the most neutral position (spined) to increase consistency and distance.

Satisfied with your current set of O.E.M. (original equipment manufacturer) clubs but feel that they may need a little more fine tuning? Do they need to be a little longer/shorter? Do the loft and lies fit you properly? Is the grip to big/too small? All these questions and more, I can help you with. Most of these changes will sometimes have a dramatic improvement in your ability to use the club properly. Please consider visiting my shop when looking to improve your equipment. My commitment to the advancement of golfers is second to none. Time in my heated hitting area is available during winter months.

Types of Labor

Alan’s repair and building shop area

Regripping (plus grip)

Save grip to reuse

Change Iron Loft and/or Lie (per club)

Change Swingweight (plus parts)

Lengthen or Shorten Shaft (plus grip & insert)

Remove Broken Shaft in Hosel

Spine shaft (per club)

Reshafting or Tighten Loose Head (plus shaft, grip, & ferrule)

Fitting complete club to set

Bore-Thru Reshafting (plus shaft, grip, & ferrule)

Fitting Options:

Basic Fitting: Swing Speed and Length Measurement
< ½ Hour

Intermediate Fitting: Basic Fitting plus •10 hits on Launch Monitor, with averages, recommended launch angle for swing speed, & Power Transfer Ratio
<1 Hour

Professional Fitting: Intermediate Fitting plus • more clubs & swings on Launch Monitor, Blue Print of present clubs, Player Interview, and Fitters Recommendations
Minimum 2 hours @ $60.00 per hour

Putter Fitting: Adjust length, lie, grip size and weight. Parts are not included • $40.00

Custom fit and build golf clubs, with frequency & swingweight or MOI matching available.

30 Minute Lesson  - $30.00

5 pack GASP Lessons  -  $100.00

Club oscillation before spine alignment

Spine aligned club